Monday, May 08, 2006

the courting season

The summer heat and the incessant study really got to me so I just tossed aside my books and went into my garden to breathe in some fresh air and I was rewarded by the courting rituals of two colourful birds. I must confess that I have no idea what kind of birds they were but they were definitely beautiful to behold. They were perched up high in the jasmine tree and the male bird(I assume it was the male due to his colourful plummage) was puffing out his chest and strutting in front of his disdainful lady, who was giving him the cold shoulder and made sure he knew about it. Not one to be rebuffed so easily he flew around her chirping and trying to rub his feathers against her. He was rewarded with a sharp peck and the object of his attention flew down into the lotus pond and proceedes to take a bath. He hopped onto the nearest plant and proceeded to serenade her with a lilting song. His song seemed to have soothed the lady bird's anger cause she too hopped onto the plant and added her voice to his efforts. My last sight of them were two claws locked together and their feathery bodies pressed together belting out beautiful melodies.


Moi said...

that was as pretty as painting a picture :)
u r good at story-telling, u know that???? :) :)

suramya said...

well, I used to write a lot in school but I think I have lost touch now, a little. I am glad u liked it