Friday, June 22, 2007

Marriage Madness

Scenario: The girl is struggling with a saree that she is forced to wear. She walks up clutching a tray full of cups brimming over with coffee, trips over the carpet launches the tray's contents into the lap of the prospective groom. A could be happy ever after which never will be. Now the question is, who is the villain of the piece. The saree or the carpet?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Currently me :(

This is what I am doing currently

This is what I would actually like to do

Friday, June 08, 2007

Polite Rejoinder

One of the harrowing experiences any fresher on the lookout for a job has to go through is a bout with the HR manager of a company.Some HR managers tend to eye the candidate as a particular brand of dirt and start to pass subtle barbs to see how far they penetrate into the skin. I had this particular problem with the very first company i wrote for and incidentally the one which I got into also. There was nothing particularly entertaining about my replies cause I chose to be evasive and non committal instead of rising to his baits and mentally shrugged off his attempts to browbeat. The interesting part comes when it was the turn of my friend. After indulging in a five minute conversation with her, he said "So your a rebel". To which she replied, "No, I am not. You have to understand what a rebel is. A rebel is someone who goes against the flow. I don't do that. I create my own flow."
Any guesses about the outcome of the interview?