Friday, July 13, 2007

A tangled web we weave

I am done with my examinating :) :) :). There is no greater bliss than penning down the last word on your last paper and knowing that you can come home and sleep for as long as you wish. During my exams I had occasion to notice the straits some of my fellow students employed in order to engage in a little dishonesty giving them a slight unfair advantage over their contemporaries. Since there is an inspection squad that arrives everyday and decides to do a body search of all the male students its not wise to store chits of papers on your self. An enterprising student made sure he arrived early, took his answer booklet, scribbled all the formulas written on a cheat sheet onto the rough page of his booklet and under my stunned gaze proceeded to eat his cheat sheet, managing to gulp it down with an air of concern. And i thought goats had no sense of taste!!!!!!! Another student decided to go one step further, he came to the hall with his pockets stuffed with chits but without taking a bath or washing his clothes. The squad member who moved close to check his pockets, beat a hasty retreat and none dared to check his activities from that day forth. Such were the comic reliefs in my hectic two weeks.