Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Afgan girl

The above photo taken by Steve McCurry of an Afghan girl has been voted as the 100 best pictures of national geographic. She appeared on the cover of national geographic in the year 1985. Her face became world famous yet nobody knew who she was. According to the photographer her face "had seized the imagination of so many people around the world because her face, particularly her eyes, expressed pain and resilience as well as strength and beauty."
The hunt for the afghan girl was launched nearly two decades later and she was found living in a remote village of afganistan in primitive conditions. Her name was Sharbat Gul and she was the mother of three daughters and the wife of a baker. She lives in obscurity according to the customs of her land and the woman who's face became world famous is unknown among her own countrymen. She depicts the trouble faced by her people during the years.


Moi said...

hmmmmmmmm.........her eyes ve sth eerie abt them!
was reading abt Mccury's works sometime back: the guy has an awesome line-up of work to his credit!

3ngin33r said...

I remember watching the entire documentary when the photographer found her aftr years. it was very touching and quite a story.

nice scribbling pad btw :)

suramya said...

thank you, yes his work is really great but I feel this is his best photo ever and his photos mostly centre around people which is really wonderful