Monday, May 08, 2006

best friends forever

Divya and I met when we were three years old in the school auto that used to take us to and fro from school. It was rather an odd friendship cause i was a rather quiet and withdrawn girl and divya was brimming over with confidence. Her exuberance in the earlier days used to scare me but friends we did become, and what a friendship it was, there were regular fights with each of us having a go at each other's hair, biting and screaming our heads off. Everyone thought this friendship would never last but last it did. Despite our habit of not letting the other bully us we were very close and shared all our secrets. Divya was a very loyal friend, she would never hear a single word against me and she was very possessive about me when we were younger which I didn't quite like at that time. She was responsible for making me a more outgoing person, gave me confidence in myself and taught me to like myself.She has an amazing sense of humor and we share a mutual love for reading. We share a strong bond between us that enable us to understand what the other is thinking. There were lot of times when we drifted apart and were not as close as we used to be, but we always knew that we would always be there for each other. Now she's grown up to be a really pretty girl with men swooning all over her, but still she remains a girl with so much simplicity and modesty in her, something which she learned the hard way but has now made her more beautiful from the inside. Its been 17 years since we became best friends and we still are. Even if I have no other friends in the world but her I know I was blessed cause she's what every person dreams of, a true friend.

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