Monday, May 15, 2006

The thorn bird

Long Ago, there was a bird who sang just once in its life.From the moment it left its nest, it searched for a thorn tree.And it never rested until it found one.Then it began to sing more sweetlythan any other creature on the face of the earth.And singing, it impaled its breast on the longest, sharpest thorn.But as it was dying, it rose above its own agony, to out-sing the lark and the nightingale.The thornbird pays its life for that one song, and the whole world stills to listen. And God, in His heaven~smiles.As its best was bought only at the cost of great pain.Driven to the thorn, with no knowledge of the dying to come.But when we press the thorn to our breast,We know........We understand.....And still......we do it.

I just loved whats written above and had to put it in my blog. There's so much beauty hidden in those lines.

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Moi said...

this reminds me of the story i read long back in ICSE eng lit : maybe class 6th or so: where this poor student's in love with his prof's daughter and .............does it ring a bell or maybe u never read it????