Thursday, August 24, 2006


Its been aeons since I sat down and wrote something into my blog, reasons are plenty, was not in town, was too upset after my break up etc. I guess its time I got down to writing, its always an indication that I am on the read to mental recovery. Its fitting that I spend time recapturing the moments elapsed during the past few months. After a rather bleak performance in the exams(fingers crossed, just want to pass), I spent a few days mulling over the fact, consulting all sorts of astrological(is there such a word?????)charts to check out whether there was an indication of pending disaster in the near future. Supersitious, I most definitely am. After that it was a sabbatical in ooty, where unfortunately I succumbed to a cold and was laid low for sometime, during which I was subjected to my dad's cooking(shudder), I certainly appreciated the gesture but after mom's appetizing meals, I somehow didn't relish burnt stuff. Fortunately for my digestive system,my recovery was swift(spurred on by dad's experiments in the kitchen). And after that it was sight seeing, ooty is certainly beautiful and having lots of friends among the forest officials ensured that I got to venture into restricted area. One of the most memorable of these was a panther leaping across while we drove through the forest. And I certainly loved spending time in the pine forests or sitting beside a lake just dreaming away, all alone as it was not yet tourist time. The only fly in the ointment was my ignorance of the local language. The only thing I was able to do was nod my head when anyone said something to me, and boy was it a disaster. I ended up buying an umbrella, taking a photo with a stuffed tiger and various other things which I didn't intend to do. Having a celebrity as a neighbor was also a change, which lead to me committing another solecism. Having failed to recognize the famous actor cum politician( my excuse is I never watch regional movies) I didn't show any special deference to the man, which most certainly irked him, and once having the audacity to overtake his car(his words according to the translation of my Bengali watchman who turned out to be a very good linguist) I was subjected to a stream of violent words by his body guard, I guess my sheepish grin did nothing more than anger that person more. Ideas of being put into prison for breaking the security convoy chased through my mind and was resolutely put off. Indicating my plight through a series of gestures and grimaces which further enraged authority,I managed to escape retribution. I guess they thought I was too crazy to be charged with any criminal offence. After my brush with the law I was content to wander about on my foot. And back I was in bangalore after 20 days and I sure did miss it and my friends. College started again with no noticeable change except that the subjects have got more boring. And on this note I end this rather boring monologue about me.