Saturday, October 27, 2007

8 random facts

I seem to be making a lot of comebacks, I'm blaming my sporadic attempts at blogging at sheer exhaustion. My gre, college work and a wedding have left me no time to even sit near my computer and hammer away. Now that I have a little time I thought I'd start with Moi's tag, in case it remained a draft like radha's restaurant tag. Sorry radha :(.Here goes,

1. I live and thrive on books, I have to read a book before I sleep else I fail to fall asleep no matter how tired I am. An attempt by me to give up reading for a month to practise self denial failed its objective within the first day due to severe irritation and the pleading of suffering family and friends to pick a book.

2. I'm mortally scared of cats and dogs but cockroaches, lizards and other inhabitants of kingdom creepy and crawly don't bother me.

3. I'm steeped in superstitions and I am not ashamed of it.

4.I've been in love with Akshaye Khanna for a grand total of 10 years. Sadly the affair seems to be in danger of being filed under the cases of unrequited love.

5. When I was five, I swallowed a 10 paise coin and was not a penny worse for it, pardon the pun.

6. My attempts at curbing my road rage include singing aloud with the song playing on the radio.

7. I always check beneath my bed for monsters before sleeping.

8. I'm obsessed with old foreign films and TV series.


GMG said...

Great to know some more about you! ;) Since you're not bothered by inhabitants «of kingdom creepy and crawly», you may wish to read about demons and witches at Blogtrotter!
Thanks for your visit and comment to Revival 90s!
Have a great weekend!

Moi said...

haha..i am still laughing at the "not a penny worse" pun!!!!! :DDDD

awesome fun list...add 8 more to the list, i say!! :D

Radha said...

First of all, you should be penalised for that disappearing act on your blog, and you shd have to write at least 10 random facts instead of 8 :)

Was fun reading these though. How can you not gets the creeps from the roaches & lizards???? I suffer from major reptile-phobia & singapore just seems to have so many lizards....yikes!!!

suramya said...

gmg: I love demons and witches, they make my favourite kind of reading, am a complete fantasy buff, will read it soon.

moi: thank you :), thats an instance of my lame humour.

radha: sorry, I was busy wrapping up my gre and applications and stuff like that. now I'm back for good. I don't know why but they never creep me out, I liked the singaporean lizards they seemed to be cleaner than the indian ones :)

yogsma said...

good to see that at least you admitted that you are superstitious. so you are afraid of cats too..well me too. Sometimes i feel i am not afraid of tigers ..but gosh..i dont like cats at all..

yogsma said...

by the way one interesting are afraid of cats,dogs and lizards..but how do you have cute corner on your blog?:-))

suramya said...

yogsma: :), I'm not scared of lizards just of cats and dogs, and I do like them from afar its only when they came near me that i go berserk wheras if a lizard would crawl over me I would swipe it off without turning a hair.

Ash said...

Wow - Nicely done. I enjoyed reading this!

Happy Diwali to you and your loved ones!!

Moi said...

i came across a word today and instantly thought of you :)

abibliophobia = The morbid fear of running out of reading material.

how ve u been...when do we get a new post here ??? :)

Moi said...

where art thou??? :D

GMG said...

Hey, where are you? We miss you...

suramya said...

ash: thank you :), hope u had a lovely diwali

moi: my fear is that I won't have enough time to finish reading all that there is to be read :)

moi and gmg: will be back soon, have been slightly busy with my academics :)

Princess Stefania said...

Oh I know exactly what you mean. I can't sleep unless I've read something, either. Anything. Even if it's just a chapter.
This tag seems to be taking over the blogosphere. It's everywhere.

Ash said...

Happy new Year to you and yours :)
Have a wonderful 2008!!

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