Thursday, June 14, 2007

Currently me :(

This is what I am doing currently

This is what I would actually like to do


666 said...

ha ha poor girl!

I pray the spirits of Newton, Fourier, Laplace and all their brothers and sisters come in your dreams and give you special insight for writing in your own words.

And.. dont ever stop what you really like to do. Words from a wizened old man thats me - this is what matters not the former.

All the Best!

yogsma said...

LOL ...All the best.

Yuva said... school days memories..lD)

Ash said...

Good luck for your exams. What course are you doing?

My exams too are around the corner!

suramya said...

666: ha ha :), thanks you, wizened old men always say wise things :):):) I agree, will give it pride of place in my thoughts

yogsma: thank you :)

yuva: more like college days :)

ash: I'm wrapping up my third year in engineering, computers thats it, all the best for your exams

Ash said...

Cool. I am in the final year of BBA. All the best!

suramya said...

thank u, to you too

Moi said...

haha and more haha........

Bless Bill Watterson!!!! bless him really!!!! :)

suramya said...

:), this so explained how I felt