Sunday, February 11, 2007

"V" day virus

I wonder what it is about this day that gets people all desperate for a date when they are content to jog along without due consideration for this fact the rest of the year. The idea of having a romantic day with a person who you've just met or someone your going to be with for just a day is certainly ludicrous. Instead a day of celebrating love, its speedily becoming a day to prove that your ahead in the race for love. If your single you get besieged by requests from all unimaginable and unforseen sources until your ready to bury yourself into a rabbit hole and stay there till the entire madness abates. The advertisers for valentine's day should consider including a statutory warning in their marketing campaigns. A happy valentine's day to those in love and those who are looking for love please don't set this day as a deadline. But on the bright side, u do get delicious chocolates and lovely flowers on this day and there's no shame in buying it for yourself.


Moi said...

:) can never understand the madness which precedes the day ...but as u said chocolates dont hurt, nor do flowers:)

suramya said...

u don't have to worry :), have a lovely valentine's day :)